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Sales of used machinery and tools

In addition to new machines, "Pobeda compani" d.o.o. sold used machinery and tools too. On this page you can see our offer of used machinery and tools. If you click on the name in the list of tools, you get the picture of products that makes these tools.


List of used machinery:

Battenfeld UniLog 4000

NAME   BATTENFELD UNI LOG 4000, 250t- for spare parts
NOTICE   The machine is sold in parts.
    You can buy a single part that you need!

List of used tools:

TOOL PURPOSE   2451 - Toilete seat for baby
TOOL PURPOSE   Canister 10 lit
NOTICE   3 pieces tool:
- mould for canister,
- automatic mould for cork,
- automatic mould for gasket.
TOOL PURPOSE   0914 - Bath soap holder (big)
TOOL PURPOSE   Corner shelf 3-1
NOTICE   2 pieces tool
TOOL PURPOSE   Kettle bell
NOTICE   all parts are in one tool.
TOOL PURPOSE   2390 - Water holder for chicken (small)
NOTICE   2 pieces tool
TOOL PURPOSE   3007 - Big sieve
NOTICE   complete with punch crop netting
TOOL PURPOSE   2994 - Small sieve
NOTICE   complete with punch crop netting
TOOL PURPOSE   3410 - Grape tray (small)
TOOL PURPOSE   3427 - Grape tray (medium)
TOOL PURPOSE   Grape tray (big)
TOOL PURPOSE   1218 - Food holder for chicken (small)
NOTICE   4 pieces tool pack
TOOL PURPOSE   0600 - Big strainer for milk
NOTICE   complete with punch crop netting
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